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Manifesto and Culture Deck – Talkoo Films


As an audiovisual production company, we are aware that our activities have an impact on our environment. This is why in this manifesto, we commit to minimizing and counteracting the negative impacts and promote the positive ones on our planet, people, and in the profit we generate. 


As part of this planet, we don’t take what we don’t need. To look after this mission we designate an eco-delegate role in each of our productions and activities. We measure and cancel all of our CO2 emissions via autochthonous reforestation. 


Those working with us are automatically part of our team. As a team, we take care of each other. This is why we only work with those committed to this philosophy. The commitment has to be rewarded, so we don’t allow anyone to work for free for us and neither for quantities that aren’t proper. 


Being in line with taking care of our team and our planet, we believe that richness is generated when in service of our community. This is why we promote the integration of creative talent and our budgets guarantee proper salaries and working conditions. 


PLANET: We are green shooting

  1. We designate an eco-delegate in each production to look after our impacts and responsibilities at all levels. 
  2. We measure CO2 emissions and we evaluate the direct and indirect impact of our productions.
  3. We offset all of our CO2 emissions through tree plantation via the company BOSQUIA.
  4. We provide vegetarian catering coming from local food supplies. Meat consumption today has a large impact on CO2 emissions on our planet. Because of this, it is preferable that we avoid its consumption in our shootings, always keeping in mind the special needs of certain team members. The previous day the team will receive the menu so that they can be informed. 
  5. Zero single-use plastic in all stages of production. 
  6. We optimize car drives so that they travel with as many passengers as possible. 
  7. Screenplay printing: we try to avoid printing but if we do, we print out in both pages in recycled paper. 
  8. Refillable water bottles. During the production, the Production department will be in charge of filling the team’s water bottles whenever they need it. Each team member will have a water bottle assigned that will have to return at the end of the shoot. 
  9. We reduce the energetic expense prioritizing reused or recycle art props. The Art director will measure the proportion of props that have been reused or recycled from other productions vs. acquired and how the acquired new ones will have a new life. 
  10. The use of biodegradable and reusable materials like wood or organic textiles. We prioritize these materials versus the use of nonbiodegradable ones like plastics. 
  11. We always rent over buying (unless it is a second-hand product).  
  12. We install informative boards reminding of responsible use of resources during the production. 
  13. We separate residues in all stages of production. 

PEOPLE: Our dream team

  1. All jobs are paid, except for those in artistic projects without profit intents and in which nobody in the team is paid or economically benefited. Those who participate have the right to use part of the footage previously agreed in their portfolios.
  2. We are a team and thus behave like such: 
    1. We are solution makers: we don’t complain. We find ways to help each other in an environment of education and respect. 
    2. All that we have is a gift and we are grateful for it. This is why we are responsible and consistent with the resources we have. We are aware that all extra that we ask for yet don’t need is being taken from another work partner who might need it. This way, we give the best of us with what we have. 
    3. We trust our team: we don’t tell anybody how to do their job. 
    4. We talk well about others: nor before, nor during a project, we criticize other people’s work. If we have a problem with somebody we will approach it directly with that person once the project is over. 
    5. We all eat together. 
    6. We have a common mission to accomplish. This is why we have all read the script.


  1. We are aware that when we work for a client, we are backing their mission and values. 
  2. We pay our taxes in Spain. 
  3. We promote the film industry and emerging creators through several activities, included the Meeting de cine. We believe that our success also depends on the community of filmmakers in which we belong.
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